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At Dog Box, we pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge in providing top-notch care for your furry friends. Our team holds kennel operating diplomas and is well-versed in Canine Behaviour Management, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. We understand the importance of effective communication and know exactly how to make your pet’s stay with us a positive and enjoyable experience.


Our staff has undergone rigorous training in positive reinforcement techniques, led by a distinguished Canine Behaviour & Training Instructor who passed with distinction. We believe in kindness, consistency, and compassion as the foundation of our approach. By using positive reinforcement methods, we strengthen the bond between pet and owner, leading to improved outcomes and long-term results.

Our qualifications and certifications are registered through reputable institutions, including Compass, Education, Training, and Pet Sense College. You can trust that your pet is in good hands with us. At Dog Box Kennels, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and making your pet’s stay with us a truly unforgettable¬†experience.

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