The Dog Box

Pet Boarding

We know pet boarding is about loved ones and how much you want to ensure a happy, healthy experience for your dog or cat. We’re pet lovers too, and we look forward to welcoming your pet children into our cozy home away from home.



Paws Indoors is our indoor units with air conditioning.

Dog Box is our outdoor units where our dogs can bask in the sun, while being sheltered from the rain and wind.


All dogs are exercised frequently through out the day in our play yard, weather permitting and under supervision.


All cats are housed in their very own self-contained apartment including bedding, litter tray, a bottomless food bowl to graze at their leisure, and fresh water.

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Bird Perch

We also accommodate our furry friends in our bird perch (with a view). The cages are cleaned regularly and they will always have fresh water and more than enough to food to eat.

The Rabbit Hole

No place for your rabbits, mice or hamsters? We will take special care of them in our special Rabbit Hole.