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Meet Kelvin, the driving force behind our company's success! As CEO, he masterminds our operations, expertly handling admin tasks, employee management, and behind-the-scenes logistics with finesse. Kelvin's dedication ensures a seamless experience for both our furry guests and our team members, creating a harmonious and happy environment for all!


Meet Herman, the face of our company! With a warm smile, he welcomes you and your furry friend, making you feel right at home. As our customer service superstar, he ensures a seamless check-in experience and personally escorts your pet to their cozy kennel. Throughout the day, Herman dedicates himself to ensuring your pet's stay is filled with love, care, and unforgettable moments!


Meet Kean, our behind-the-scenes hero! He ensures our facilities are always in top-notch condition. As our maintenance mastermind, Kean tackles everything from repairs to renovations. But that's not all - he's also our resident pet playmate, dedicating time to play and interact with your furry friends. And to top it off, Kean handles all invoicing, making your pet's stay with us a seamless and stress-free experience!

About Us

Providing exceptional care and love

Since 2011, The Dog Box has been the ultimate pet destination! Our luxurious hotel-style boarding facilities offer a unique open-air experience, where your furry friend can thrive. Our dedicated team of animal lovers provides exceptional care, tailored attention, and unconditional love, ensuring your pet feels cherished and at home. Trust us to pamper your companion with the highest level of service and devotion!

Pet Boarding

Your pet’s happiness and health are our top priorities! We understand the trust you place in us and promise to provide a safe, loving environment for your furry friend.

Pet Training

Transform your dog’s behavior with our training classes – from basics to specialized one-on-one support, for puppies and grown dogs alike!

Pet Shop

Spoil your pet with our exciting range of toys! From squeaky fun to glowing thrills, our collection has something for every furry friend – come and explore the perfect playtime treats!

Pet Grooming

Indulge in our Wash, Brush, and Blowout package! Enjoy a relaxing bath, styling, massage, nail trim, and ear cleaning – the ultimate grooming experience for a happy and healthy pet!

Our Services and Team Skills

Our dedicated team of animal lovers goes above and beyond to ensure a warm welcome, tender love, and compassionate care for each pet. Trust us to pamper your pet with the highest level of attention and affection.

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